"The Chest"

A adventuring party on the run from the royal guard finds themselves in the chambers of an opulent chest. In their attempts to open it and take its treasure, the party finds that this "treasure" might be more than they bargained for. 

Character Lineup and Beat Boards for "The Chest" 

"Die Young"

3rd year college student, Kacey, decides to accompany her friend Diana to investigate their university's abandoned frat houses to see if they can get a good story in for her last year. But upon entering the first house, the girls find that it's been inhabited by a Party Crasher Ghost who will stop at nothing to have a good time. 

Unfinished Original Story Beats

From an unfinished original story about Captain Marlow and her crew: the Blood Bone Pirates. While trying to run from each of their pasts, the crew find themselves in a conflict between their old and new lives.